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Enhancing Self-Pay Collections in the Age of High-Deductible Health Insurance

Increasingly, patients have high deductible health insurance plans, a trend that will only increase in the foreseeable future. By definition, deductible self-pay fees are generated from accounts where the guarantor has health insurance, placing these accounts in a category that should theoretically be much more collectible than self-pay at registration accounts, which typically have very low collection rates. Unlike office practices, where co-pays and deductibles are collected at the time of service, emergency physician service accounts with deductible self-pay amounts are identified only after the insurance claim has been submitted.

Hosted By: Dr. Jeffrey Bettinger, MD, FACEP

Critical ICD-10 Concepts for the Emergency Medicine Coder – A Seven-part Webinar, Part 7

In the months since implementation, Bettinger, Stimler has been approached by many emergency medicine groups and billing and coding companies with questions about ICD-10, including those ICD codes that are frequently being used, and whether these codes are appropriate given the uniqueness of the specialty and the specificity requirements. This seven-part webinar will address the most frequently raised questions.

Hosted By: Dr. John Stimler, DO, CPC, CHC, FACEP

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